1st Cape Town Free Chapter

5th Birthday Party

Hellenic Community Center - 13 May 2017

56 Members and guests gathered at the Greek Club in Greenpoint for our 5th Birthday bash.

The theme was a “Hat Party”☺ As we arrived at the venue we were greeted by members wearing hats of all shapes and sizes! It was a nice surprise to welcome Phil Kaplan who arrived in his wheel chair after his recent nasty accident. The venue was decorated in true Harley fashion by Marianna and her team. The tables were laden with breads, crisps, pates, cheeses and jams for the hungry ones, and complimentary wines from the Chapter. There was also a cash bar for those of us who don’t drink wine.

Some of the members had really gone to town with their hats with the eventual worthy winner being Heather Booysen with her edible hat! I think Tim ate it for breakfast on Sunday!

The food for the evening was Greek lamb on the spit served with potato wedges, Greek salad and noodle salad. The lamb was the most succulent and tender I have tasted and compliments have to go to the chef! The dessert consisted of a custard-filled Greek pastry (which I don’t know the name of) and delicious cup cakes.

Thanks to Marianna and her team for organising another great venue and birthday party, see you all at the 6th birthday bash.

Ivor Wills - Editor / Historian