1st Cape Town Free Chapter

CAMDEBOO RALLY - Graaff Reinet 2013

A team of riders from Free Chapter Cape Town undertook a ride to the 2013 Camdeboo Rally.

These are some  comments from those who were able to make the trip.

The varied scenery of the ride was really great – in particular winding our way through Meiringspoort with its magnificent back-drop of mountains and river crossings. The starkness and aridness of the Karoo has an appeal of its own after the lush green of the Western Cape, and it was good to ride many kilometers in that terrain.  Swartberg Hotel was a gem from the past and the quaintness of Prince Albert lent an air of fun to the stop-over, where our spirit of camaraderie began to blossom as we shared stories and experiences in the pub and dining room.  Graaff-Reinet is an interesting town steeped in history with some architecture of old. It was a joy to be among so many Harley-Davidson motor bikes and to hear so often their very distinctive throbbing roar of the V-twin engines. Our Free Chapter leadership demonstrated yet again their skill and commitment to the Chapter Group in shepherding us there and back so safely and so professionally – and showed their dedication to each of us as they attended to and resolved bike problems so expertly and diligently. 

Our sincere thanks to all our leaders who are Legends of Harley-Davidson.       Noel Peagam

Drie dae  :  geen werk  : 1700cc witlyn koors!!  (white line fever) -  country rock in die ore.  Kan julle aan iets beter dink?  

19 Free Chapter Lede plus 2 gaste het die 2013 Camdeboo Rally bygewoon en baie belangstelling uitgelok  -  daar is skynbaar iets nostalgies aan ons Chapter Kleure wat almal se aandag trek.   

Ons eerste aand in Prince Albert (Swartberg Hotel) was joviaal en die plaaslike inwoners se plekke in die kroeg was deur ons beset.  

Die twee dae in Graaff Reinet was volgepak deur interessanthede hetsy dit by die rally, die vliegveld of ons gastehuis was.  Saterdag middag het FCCT in volle swang die Vallei van Verlatenheid (Valley of Desolation) besoek.  ‘n Asemrowende gesig het ons begroet by die uitkyk punte  -  beslis iets om aan te beveel vir diegene wat dit nog nooit ervaar het nie. 

Chapter lede het hulle voorbeeldig gedra en net die “good fellows” het laatnag hul terugkeer luidkeels aangekondig (geen formele klagtes egter ingedien  -  ha-ha!)  

Ons terugtog Sondag tot op Mosselbaai het slegs ‘n pap band opgelewer.  Gevolg deur stylvolle akkommodasie by Pinnacle Point, Mosselbaai.  

Te gou het die finale skof huis toe op Maandag aangebreek.  Almal veilig tuis…  ons sal dit weer doen!  

Uit die pen van :  Gideon en Marianna Kriel

Thanks to Marianna and Gideon for all the hard work organising and making the arrangements. Not an easy job but well done. We stayed at some great places and had more than enough to eat and drink. 

Thanks to Bruce and Mike and Leon for making sure we got there and back. Despite the adverse weather conditions which  included rain, freezing cold and very high winds, you make us pack riders feel so safe. And when there is a mishap, whether it is a tyre or a misfire, the way you jump into action and fix the problem gives us peace of mind [not give us a piece of your mind] that if we had a problem you would be there to help.  

Thanks to the rest of you, Noel, Nina, Enid, Bernie, Gerrie, Monica [risqué], Stephen, Armelle, Enid, Louis [met eish ja], Elana [feathers], William the conqueror, Michelle, Brian & Ivor - It was so good to get to know you all better and have a whole heap of fun.  FCCT was certainly noticed at Camdeboo! 

The camaraderie and brotherhood that exists in the Free Chapter Cape Town is a rare and precious thing. 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from Tim & Heather

And attached story from Brian Neebe and Ivor Wills   

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