1st Cape Town Free Chapter


Towards the end of last year, while Harley riders were spreading joy at the Red Cross Hospital, Armelle met Bessie Cooks whose two grandchildren had received 3 degree burns when a car they were sitting in caught alight. I followed up on the story and met with Bessie the grandmother.

The story she told was heart wrenching and was very hard to digest. The children at the time were 2 and 4 and were apparently waiting in the car for their mom to come out of the shop. The car was parked right outside the entrance to the shop. Suddenly a man shouted that the car was on fire and they couldn’t open the doors. They had locked automatically from the inside. Windows were broken and the children were pulled out of the car and rushed to the Red Cross hospital. Both were placed under sedation not only for the pain, but they had inhaled fumes as well.  The treatment for these children of skin grafts and plastic surgery will be for the rest of their lives. They still have no feeling in some parts where they were so badly burnt. The little girl who was 4 at the time, stood in between the front seats to protect her little brother who had tried to climb under the seat, her chest will have to be restructured as she grows older.

All medical costs are covered up to the age of 18 then it is up to the family to pay for the treatment they will require. Due to the sensitivity of the skin, the children can only wear pure cotton. Once again, the amazing love and care from the Chapter set in. A raffle was done and R2050 was collected and handed over to me to arrange cotton clothing for the children.Because of the size of the children, and the gran and mom wanted to buy the clothing, A gift voucher for Cotton On Children was handed over to Bessie with loads of love and blessings for the future healing of the children. I have asked Bessie to please keep in touch with me.

Thank you Free Chapter for your kindness to others!



On the 12 March, 2024, a large section of the park was razed by a fire. It is believed that 40 people , including the children, lost their homes and possessions. Some reported 9 homes and some said 13 homes were destroyed in the fire. I visited the park the day afterwards to see how we as a Chapter could help them.

The devastation was absolutely soul destroying. Nothing was left but ash and soot. A group known as Solidariteit Helpende Hande, which is similar to Gift of the Givers, had taken all the victims in and were  accommodating and feeding them. The help from the community was absolutely amazing.

Food, water, clothing, linen, towels, furniture and the like were arriving at the centre by the truck full. It was a great feeling to know that they were well stocked as far as food was concerned. I spoke to the person at SHH who said that everything was under control and  they only needed a few items such as milk, coffee, shampoo, toothpaste and spreads for the bread.


Charities Supported 2023

2023 - CLUB

Tops and Tags continued this year and with our great collections we've managed to contribute enough to the Sweetheart Foundation for a second wheelchair.

June  - Kays Caravan Park in Strand - R3000 worth of non-perishables, cleaning material and warm socks donated after the floods

July - Cast of 4 Kids - The donation of beanies from Mr. Mike was delivered to Masikhule for the kids at the Early Learning Centres  in the informal areas 

September - Enid donated lovely beanies and bags and they were donated to the kids at the Somerset West Night Shelter.

October - Sencit Old Age Home in Strand were needy of a Diagnostic set, 10 wheelchair cushions, 20kg of washing powder and 2 blenders. Total value about R7500. We also organized 2 used medicine trolleys from Medimerchant for them. 

We contributed  R1000 to HERD for part adoption of Khanyisa, an orphaned elephant, in memory of Ammi, an ele being an animal she loved!

November - Purchased the 2-3 and 4-5 year old  Leer en Leef Learning programs for Stoute Kabouter Creche in Kassiesbaai which has 24 kids.  Also, so that their teacher can print their worksheets we have bought them a printer with cartridges that will print up to 6000 to 8000 copies before needing to be repurchased. Members have purchased educational games and materials for the school and the kiddies will each receive party pack .Total value about R6500.

2023 - RALLY
We supported 2 charities in the Breederiver area:
Breederiver Hospice. Delivered in November to the BRAM Centre in Ashton.
They support over 80 patients around Robertson, Bonnivale, Ashton and Montagu. 
Consumables were their greatest need so 200kg of protein rich dry foods were purchased for them - porridge, soya mince, orange juice, chicken casserole and pasta and mince. This food often feeds an entire family when the bread winner is incapacitated.  We also purchased 784 nappies for the palliative care patients that require them

Huis le Roux in Robertson was the second beneficiary. Their greatest need for the old folks was mobile wash stands and basins. We bought them six. Also, chairs for the folk to sit on in the shower.  We purchased 6

The R40 000 raised from the rally was shared between these two worthy recipients. 


Masikhule put out a request for blankets and beanies this year, so we were delighted to find a recipient for the 152 beanies donated to us by our Road Captain, Mr. Mike.  Masikhule is an NGO based in the Helderberg. They support Early Learning Centres in marginalized communities providing a solid foundation for 2000 kids. Whilst learning resources are provided, the classrooms have minimal comforts and this winter has been particularly COLD!.  3 of our members in the area dropped in on Mandela Day on 18 July '23 to handover the beanies, chat with the team, and covered some books for their library. It was lovely to see pics of the bright and colourful beanies, hand crocheted by Mr. Mike's late wife, on the little ones!  A labour of love! 



On 15 Jun '23 the Lourens River that runs through Somerset West and Strand burst its banks due to very heavy rains. Kay's Caravan Park, home to many poorer folk, living in caravans and wendy houses, was flooded, as it lies along the river bank. A plea went out from the Iron Skulls MC asking for help. Our Charity Officer lives in the area and had picked up on the request for help and contacted Riaan from the Club. 1st Free Chapter donated R3000 of goods, including socks, cleaning products, brooms, cutlery, soup bowls and cups, paper plates and non perishable food items for the displaced residents, for which they were most grateful!


We spread a bit of Xmas cheer while at our Year End Function at Shelly Point Hotel.There is a small day care center looking after less privileged  kids.The members got together and each made up a Xmas present which we handed out to the kids

Meals-on-wheels children's sweet-treat
Wednesday 6th July 2022

Meals-on-wheels in Parow hosted some little people to bring a little cheer to the children during their holidays. Some FCCT members added some noise to the event.

The right size and brand of nappies were finally in stock at The Nappy Shop, so on Friday (hot day for wearing leather colours, even for a short few minutes 🥵!) 
Ivor and I handed over the second delivery of much needed nappies to Tanya at Little Angels! They use up to 3000 nappies a month and so were MOST appreciative of our donation! 
THANK YOU to all members and the chapter for supporting this charity drive in 2021!🙏🏻
Our 3rd Charity for 2021 is Little Angels Home

Little Angels Home is a non-profit organisation based in Somerset West, that provides 24/7 quality residential care for children that have profound intellectual and physical disabilities.


Ivor and Lisa met at 👼🏼Little Angels 👼🏼to hand over a boot full of nappies to their chairlady, Karin Blanckenberg.

They were MOST grateful for the FCCT donation, considering they go through about 3000 nappies a month!! They will go through this boot full in about 2 and a half days! 😲

Thank you!!

Monica & Lisa

      Charity for sponsoring a Working Guide Dog
The South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind provides independence, mobility and companionship to people with disabilities and children with autism by providing Guide Dogs, Service Dogs and Autism support Dogs.
Through the generous support from our FCCT members we were able to raise R10,000!!!! 
Malcolm Lourens was the winner of our Whisky Raffle. 
With that amount we were able to sponsor the raising of a puppy  that will grow up to be part of the next generation Working Dogs who will go on to change the lives of those who receive them. 
On Tuesday 11 May I met our 2 puppies  from the XY litter, Yale and Yasmin. 
We will keep a close eye on their progression into proper working dogs.

Charity Project KINDER Stationery Handover at Elgin Station Sunday 11th April
For our first charity hand over of 2021 our destination was the Elgin Railway Market, to hand over the stationery which was generously donated by our members for the Kinder Project. Owner of the Elgin market, Mr Roger Orpen, gave us a brief history of his NPO, Timbers Kleinbegin (see Facebook Timbers Kleinbegin Centre).  Their projects include a clinic, sewing group, vegetable garden, soup kitchen and the Timber After-School Project. We were introduced to Alistair and Cindy from the team.   Alistair briefed us on their TAP programme which assists around 40 children from the local community with their schoolwork, outdoor adventures, life skills and computer skills, arts, and crafts. We handed over a box full of kokis, crayons pens, rulers, rubbers, books etc, which were gratefully received.
Charity Project KINDER

Reminder  to bring a  school stationery item or two✂️🖍️ if you can. Please give to Ivor. This will be ongoing for a few rides still. 
Project KINDERKids In NeeD of Education Resources ❣️
Being KINDER💞 makes us feel good! Giving to the  KINDER ✏️📏 project will make you feel good, en dan sal die KINDERs 👧🏻👦🏽👦🏿🧑🏼🧒🏾ook lekker voel! 😁😁Win win all the way!

Thank you for your support! Monica and Lisa 🌸

Thank you to everyone  for the first contribution to our KINDER project.
Letter of Thanks from Red Cross Children's Hospital
Red Cross Children's Hospital Toy Collection 2020

A BIG THANK YOU  to all the members who brought gifts for the kiddies to the chapter meeting - a generous stash 👏🏻considering it was requested last minute dot.com😜

We have since been told that the Red Cross Children's event will not be happening,

The toys which the members donated were handed over to Len & Doreen Pears for the Red Cross children's hospital.

🙂 Monica and Lisa

One of our most rewarding Charity events is to support the initiative of Len & Doreen Pears to bring a little sunshine into the lives of the children of the cancer ward at Red Cross Children's Hospital. Several members of 1st Free Chapter Cape Town gathered at Rondebosch Common with Harley riders from many other local chapters and roared into the hospital grounds.

Besides collecting toys, we load up the kids on the back of our Harleys and treat them to a ride around the car park, with their little heads rattling around inside the helmets and eager little hands clinging on to the riders.
This is followed by a Christmas party in the grounds with snacks, drinks and each child receives their gifts.

It truly emphasizes the saying "It is more blessed to give than to receive" and no better way than to bless these little lives who are going through such a difficult time. Harley bikers look mighty tough but they have the most generous hearts

2nd September 2018

It was a wet, wet ride initially which must have deterred most of our members, but 7 intrepid (or mad) members weren’t going to let a bit of water stop them from attending such a special cause. After meeting up at the Caltex garage as usual, we sheltered under the front entrance to the Audi dealership while the heavens opened. After we realised no more members would be joining us, we made our way to the venue at the Burger King Square Heerengracht. The weather had definitely affected the numbers, but this didn’t dampen the spirits of the various organisers and Cancer survivors / supporters.

We were treated to a concert by various Cancer survivors and starring Tracey-Lee Oliver from Idols fame. After the formalities were over it was time to head out towards Darling. The route took us out on to Adderley Street and under the elevated freeway towards the N1. The route was expertly marshalled by members of the Think Bike Organisation. After the N1 it was safely onto the N7 and straight out towards Malmesbury. As the weather was looking darker and darker in the direction we were heading and most of us had already had our shower for the day! most of us apart from Will Felix decided not to join the other riders to Darling so we turned off at Blouberg and headed to Primi for a well-earned breakfast. Well done to Will Felix for completing the run to Darling.

For more information on the Cancervive organization please check out www.cancervive.co.za or watch the video of our departure on their Facebook page facebook.com/cancervive.

Ivor Wills


Charity Ride to Montagu – 8th October 2017

It was a chilly and damp Sunday as 9 bikes and 13 members met up at the Engen N1 bright and early. We were joined by Peter Loeffler and his wife who were in their car as his bike is still on the water.

The clouds looked very threatening as we headed out onto the N1. Our route would take us over Du Toits Kloof Pass and on towards Worcester. The clouds were starting to gather and a slight drizzle was in the air. We made a quick pit (pee) stop just outside Worcester and some members decided to don their waterproofs. Us Harley guys are a hardy bunch so some of us decided it wasn’t necessary yet!

As we pulled out of Worcester and headed for Robertson, the black clouds seemed to be waiting for us to catch up with them. Well, as we approached Graham Beck Winery we rode straight into the rain. I could almost hear Peter Loeffler chuckling in his car as he followed us.

Luckily, the showers didn’t last long and as we passed Ashton the weather cleared briefly for us to make our scheduled stops. Huis Uitvlug was our first stop and as we arrived at our destination most of the residents were waiting for us outside to greet us. We were joined by Gerrie and Monika from Ladysmith for the presentation. After a short speech from the Matron and Zelda it was time to see who wanted a ride on the Harleys! There were 3 or 4 ladies and 1 gentleman who were up to the challenge of swinging their legs over the pillion seat. After a few sprints up and down the road I think some of the ladies went off to change their underwear!

Our next stop was the local Spar in Montagu where we would present a cheque to Precious Jewels Playgroup. The money will be kept at Spar and they can draw from it when they need food and such for the children. Another brief shower came down as we gathered at Spar but as we departed for our lunch venue it was clearing nicely.

We arrived safely and on schedule at NUY ON THE HILL for lunch. The restaurant was bustling as we arrived but our tables were ready and waiting. We were joined for lunch by Rafi who also came by car.

Very soon our food was on the table and we were tucking into various delights, including Fish and chips, chicken salad, quiche and Roosterkoek burgers.

The weather was clearing nicely now and the wind was picking up a bit. We decided on the same route back to Cape Town and we all made it safely back to the Engen N1 to say our goodbyes.

Thanks to the marshals for getting us there and back safely and to Marianna and Ammi for the excellent lunch venue.

From the pen of Ivor Wills, Historian / Editor

SPAR Women's Day – 2017

21 Free Chapter members were treated to an amazing morning at the SPAR women’s breakfast to raise money for cancer.

It was organised by an incredible team of women under the watchful eye of Elsabe van Zyl who excelled herself.

The theme was nautical – “Hope Anchors the Soul”.

507 women attended, all wearing nautical colours of blue and white.

The tables were magnificently decorated with lots of beautiful flowers & each lady received a place setting as a gift.

The 3 course meal was well thought out and delicious and pink and white champagne flowed the whole morning.

Each lady also donated packets of sanitary towels for charity.

The MC for the morning was an incredible talk show host, Tracey Lange who entertained us and made us laugh.

The speaker was the athlete, Charl du Toit – an incredible young man. He spoke about his winning gold for SA in Rio. His message was to never give up and to always believe in yourself.

Loki Rothman entertained us with his beautiful music and sung from the heart.

Newton Cross from Butler Trainer Academy showed us how to place table settings as well as how to pack a suitcase properly. He also showed us how to remove stains from our clothes and table cloths.

There were also amazing prizes handed out to lucky winners.

The day raised R1,050,000 for Cancer.vive - an incredible organisation which is making a difference to people all over the country.

A great morning was had by all and we all left with a generous SPAR hamper of groceries & useful goodies.

Written by Michele Joffe

Simon van der Stel Donation – May 2017

For the month of May we decided, since the Simon van der Stel Primary School in Wineberg graciously lets us use their grounds as a venue for our Skills Training events and more recently our Captain's Ride, we would donate a hamper of chips and popcorn to the school.

As you can see from the pictures below the delivery (dropped off on the 5th of May) was eagerly received by the children at the school.

Cancervive Donation – March 2017

During a recent night ride event held by Harley-Davidson Tyger Valley in support of Cancervive, representatives of the Free Chapter Cape Town presented a donation on behalf of the chapter of R5,000 to this charitable organisation.

Fire Relief Donations – January 2017

Due to the recent spate of fires plaguing the Western Cape, we decided as a Chapter to donate desperately needed supplies to the Drakenstein Fire Station in order for them to distribute it to the victims of the fires who lost their homes and sometimes even more. Items were collected throughout the month and delivered to the station. Below is an extract from a letter by the station chief.

	We would like to again thank you for your support to the victims of the recent fires.
	We as a service really appreciated your dedication to bringing relieve aid to those in need.

Dereck Peceur (Asst. Chief Fire Officer, Drakenstein Municipality: Fire Department)

Annual Toy Run – December 2016

Sunday the 27th of November was the Annual Toy Run hosted by the Italian Motorcycle Club. I think most of our members forgot about this event as only 13 of us turned up!

The meeting point was Grand West Casino Car Park. We were joined by various other Harley Chapters and all the customary “Kokkolollys”.

We departed at 9 am sharp and as usual FCCT was leading the way. The traffic officer who was leading us was obviously in a hurry to get home as he was proceeding at a brisk pace which made a change from previous years.

Unfortunately for some of the pack, they didn’t keep up with us so they took a wrong turn! When we arrived at the end point, Kenilworth race course, we were minus the rest of the pack.

Eventually, the rest of the riders caught up and we then made our way to the venue. This year you could choose between dropping off your toy and leaving or dropping off your toy and donating R50 and entering the event. After paying our R50 we made our way to the tents and found a nice shady spot for our members.

There were various static displays of new, used and custom bikes on display as well as various accessories, clothing and badges.

I must admit from my experience the standard of stalls, food stalls and food trucks had improved from previous years.

After listening to one of the many bands and enjoying a beer and a bratwurst roll we all went our separate ways.

A worthwhile event for a worthy cause.

– Written by Ivor Wills

Red Cross Children's Ride – December 2016

On Friday the 25th of November, 8 members of FCCT attended the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Ride. We met up with members of various chapters including HDCCT and H.O.G. Tyger Valley at Cottage Motors on Campground Road.

At 2pm sharp we departed for the short ride to the Hospital. Thanks to Mike and his Marshals, the ride was uneventful. This was my first time at this event and I must admit I didn’t know what to expect.

When we arrived we were greeted by excited children, staff and parents, and “Father Christmas”. Some of the riders then proceeded to take some of the children for a ride around the car park. The look on their faces was a joy to see.

This year we were unable to go into the wards as there was an infection on the ward. After the rides were finished we gathered in the gardens outside the wards and enjoyed a cool drink and a snack.

The children were then each given a present by “Father Christmas”. The presents we donated at our Christmas in July were handed over to the organizers and these will be used once they have been sorted into ages and sexes etc.

It was nice to be able to bring some joy into the children’s lives even for a short time. Thanks to the organizers, Len & Doreen Pears, for organizing such a worthwhile event. I strongly recommend all members attend this event at least once.

– Written by Ivor Wills

Huis Martina – November 2016

On Saturday the 5th of November 16 members of the Free Chapter Cape Town visited Huis Martina, a care facility in Parow. We were joined on the ride by TippI  (I hope the name is correct ) from the Free Chapter in Lille, France.

We met at H-D Tyger Valley and headed off in the busy Saturday morning traffic to the venue. The Chapter was donating from the Route 62 Rally proceeds. Each resident was presented with a goodie bag containing various toiletries, dried fruit, etc.

We also donated Corn Flakes, fruit juice, porridge and other goodies to the home for use in the kitchen. After a few words from Bruce and some photos, we headed back to H-D Tyger Valley and some of us headed off for breakfast.

There was a tattoo convention and body art and make-up event on the go when we returned to the dealership. I must say these people are DIFFERENT! with some of the people looking like they slept in a wet newspaper.

Thanks to Gideon and Mariana for packing all the goodie bags and the entire charity committee for organizing another worthy cause.

– Written by Ivor Wills

The DreamTree School for Children with Autism – November 2016

On Friday the 4th of November the Free Chapter Cape Town visited the Dream Tree School just outside Somerset West.

The School is for children with Autism and is situated in the grounds of Somerset College. Children from age 6 until 18 attend the school.

The Chapter donated educational games, scooters and a bicycle from the Route 62 Rally proceeds. On arrival we were presented with various posters which some of the pupils had made for us.

We toured the school and met some of the dedicated teachers. This is a beautiful facility which does wonderful work, I certainly had a lump in my throat as we left.

Thanks to Zelda & Ammi for choosing such a worthy cause.

– Written by Ivor Wills

Route62 Rally Charity Handovers  – October 2016

My day started at 5:30 am, bright and early. I thought to myself ‘today is going to be a good day’. Well, I was not wrong. 17 members and 12 bikes gathered at the Engen N1 for the start of our ride. Our route was straight up the N1, through the tunnel (the sound of the Harleys in the tunnel is worth R33).

We then turned right in Worcester and headed for Robertson, we stopped briefly for a loo & petrol stop. Along the road we had met up with Eben so we were now 18 members, and 13 bikes headed for Montagu.

The road captain had told us the road was bad between Ashton & Montagu and he was not wrong!

With 2 stop & go’s and some short sections of gravel we slowly made our way to Montagu and our first stop, which was the RAD Foundation, where we were joined by Gerrie and Monika who had come from the other direction.

We were greeted by Helen and some of her band members who gladly accepted our donation of a bass drum, a trumpet and various other drums and percussion items.

Our next stop was Huis Uitvlucht, where we donated nebulisers, and other medical monitors and gift bags of toiletries generously donated by Spar. It was so nice to see the look on the residents' faces and to interact with them briefly, they even sang us a song of appreciation.

Our last donation of the day was to Marius from Avalon springs, to whom we donated rugby boots for his development team. Unfortunately, their time-keeping or communication was a bit out, so after a longer than expected wait they arrived for a quick photo shoot.

We then made our way to the local Spar in Montagu for a photo shoot with the manager to show our appreciation to Spar and Elsabe, who unfortunately was away on business.

After all the formalities were done it was time for lunch (hooray!) we headed back to Nuy on the Hill for our lunch stop. The highlight was the Roosterkoek Burger washed down with a Cape Kraken craft beer.

The food, venue and the views are definitely worth a second visit. Thanks to Marianna for organizing such a great venue.

After saying our goodbyes, the majority of us headed back to Cape Town and some headed back to Montagu for the night.

All round it was an excellent ride with an excellent chapter, thanks to all the committee who organized it.

– Written by Ivor Wills

Spar Fundraising Luncheon for Breast Cancer – September 2016

The Spar Venue used for this Function was stunningly decorated using the “Shabby Chic” theme this year and was attended by FCCT Ladies and some of their family.  The very long tables had beautiful low flower arrangements in white and others in various shades of pink, including candles and champagne in buckets of ice and jugs of lovely fresh orange juice.  Artistic place mats set in fake rusty tin plates and these on lovely white trellis type wooden place mats identified each place.

While we all waited in the foyer area for the doors to be opened we were welcomed with tea, coffee, juice or bottles of cold water and freshly cooked small pancakes.

While we found our places there was lovely background music and the names (some with photos) of those we had loved and lost in the past year, were rolled across the 3 big screens.   On our chairs were rather large, certainly heavy, attractive “Shabby” Chic” grey oilskin shopping bags containing a variety of many goodies for taking home!

Ursula Chikane of Top Billing fame was MC for the event and introduced Claudia Michel from Spar Head Office in Cape Town to welcome and thank us all for attending. Former Miss South Africa 1990, Suzette van der Merwe, then gave an interesting motivational address by outlining her own life and how she learned to deal with adversities.

Ursula then “interviewed” Riaan Cruywagen about his long 50yr career in first radio, then TV News at the SABC and currently with Kyk Net.  He proved a popular guest for the Luncheon, as did the Girl Byrds who contributed the live music before and after the talks.

The Team of Ladies, all survivors of cancer, who travel on motorbikes all over South Africa, imparting the information about cancer, what the disease really is and how it can affect anyone, without regard to race, age or gender including that men too can succumb to the terrible disease.   They inform how it may affect one and what the different methods of treatment are, but that there is always hope and support available.

The ladies said they find it necessary to include small villages, settlements with very poor people and shanty settlements, as well as the people in the towns too on their journey around South Africa.

These Ladies were then presented with the R1,050,000 raised for CANcer.vive by the attendance of so many ladies at the Luncheon each year. All ladies present who had had cancer, were still recovering, or newly diagnosed, were asked to come forward so that a group photo could be taken. Quite rightly, much applause followed!

Attendance at these Special Luncheons each October can be very humbling and one can only salute Spar for their determined support for Breast Cancer and the huge amount of planning needed beforehand for such a wonderful event – including the artistic meal.

Special thanks must be made to Zelda Newman for her coordination of the FCCT group and to Elsabe van Zyl for ensuring our bookings were recorded. 

– Written by Naomi Peagam

Donation to Helpende Handjies –  August 2016

Anna-Marie Els and I went to Helpende Handjies to deliver the food, sponsored by Free Chapter.

There are 25 children that are supported by Wilna and looked after in the afternoons and school holidays.

Wilna provides two meals a day as well as snacks for school. She sees to it that the kids are clean and presentable for school and makes sure that the children have completed all of their schoolwork.

Wilna’s motto is: If you aren't driving yourself to complete school, I can’t help you.

The need is so immense and the children desperately require support, highly-nutritional food, and love.

Some of the children supported by Wilna have to wake up as early as six o’clock in the morning at Helpende Handjies so they can be fed, and due to this, they prefer being there over returning to their homes.

Most of these parents are drug abusers and couldn't care less about the whereabouts of their children. They don’t even bother searching for their children if they haven't returned home when the evening rolls around.

With a very heavy heart and soul, we left Wilna and the children, knowing that she is an angel doing everything in her power to help her community.

Written by Riana Delport

St. Monica's Centre, Shelter for Older People – July 2016

This morning, 16 of us left the Waterfront & took a magnificent Peninsula ride over Ou Kaapseweg, through Noordhoek, over Chapman’s Peak into the Bo-kaap to meet up with Zelda, Marzell & Chanté who were waiting for us at St. Monica's Centre. Zelda, brought a load of cornflakes, beanies, berets & clothes which were gratefully accepted by the centre for the many elderly people who had very little in the way of possessions. 

A big thank you must go to Elsabé & Spar for sponsoring the truckload of cornflakes. Also, a big thanks to those FCCT members who were able to provide other items of need.

Our bikes were a great fascination to many of these elderly folk & they were so grateful to the FCCT for bringing all these needed items. As their manager, Dion Fuller, said: "Nothing happens at the centre on a Sunday", so the visit by our club was a very exciting moment for these poor people.

From there we rode through to Sea Point to have lunch at an American styled diner called Franky’s. The food was very good diner style eating, but their milkshakes were a highlight.

All in all, we had a great day of riding, good charity work & a great lunch with a great bunch of friends.

– Written by Alan Joffe

Keeping Patients Warm – June 2016

Michele & I were warmly hosted by Gerrie & Monica in their home in Ladismith over this last weekend. Friday late afternoon, we picked up the assistant hospital pharmacist, Daniel, who works under Monica at the Alan Blythe Hospital. 

Daniel, who does frequent ward rounds, took us to see all the men, women & children patients.

We handed out to each patient a colourful & warm beanie – the smile & gratitude with "baie dankie", made us feel very humble. 

The sister on duty was most grateful to the FCCT for caring about her patients. She did make an appeal for smaller beanies that would fit babies & very young children.

– Written by Alan Joffe

P.S. In addition, we subsequently had a request that the hospital was in dire need of smaller beanies for infants and toddlers. Our own Michele Joffe graciously knitted 60 beanies and we delivered these via Gerrie and Monica in July. See the last photo.

Some additional photos from the subsequent trip...

Blanket Run - May 2016

My Ride started at 7 am in a Dark & Foggy Somerset west. To be honest, if I knew the fog was going to be that bad I should have stayed in bed!

But as I needed my “fix” for the week, I set off. As I got further down the N2 the fog became thicker and the road wetter, all I can say is thank goodness Lisa wasn’t on the back.

Thankfully, I made it through to the Caltex garage at the waterfront and met up with the chapter, we set off for the meeting point with more Marshalls than members as some of the members were meeting us at the venue.

We made it safely to the Bikers' Church although it was still very foggy in places. We met up with Tyger Valley and a few other Harley chapters.

As we gathered at the venue and looked at the various Kokkolollys (as Mike would say) arriving on all sorts of superbikes, trikes, etc. Mike and his team decided for our safety we would leave after all the main bunch had left.

There were 2 routes organised and we decided to take the shorter route which took us out on the N1 and off at Joostenburg off -ramp, we turned right over the N2 and turned left towards the Giraffe house, we then turned right onto the Stellenbosch road.

And then right again at Slaley Hall Winery and headed back to Brackenfell. The Venue was at Fairbridge Mall with a specially cordoned off area for the Harleys. We then donated our R50 or handed over blankets.

By now I could feel nature calling! As there were no toilets outside in the car park I went looking in the shopping centre. Unfortunately, the toilet was at the other end of the centre. I managed to make it in record time, closely followed by Bruce and the marshalls!

After viewing the various cars and trucks on display it was decided by some of the chapter to adjourn to Willowbridge shopping centre for a bite to eat, we settled on Colcacchios for pizza and pasta.

Overall I would say a very well organised and well attended event. It was unfortunate about the weather, but even the CMA couldn’t organise that!! I heard there were ±400 bikes and riders who braved the elements for a worthy cause.

– Written by Ivor Wills

Soup Kitchen Donation - April 2016

My name is Randall Wynkwartd. I was given the opportunity in partnership with the UCT students and the Chaili campaign to assist me to make my dreams come true. I always had ideas and the knowledge to make a difference in my community but did not know where to start until they came into my life. My dreams turned into reality because of them. I am very grateful to the University of Cape Town and the Chaili campaign for assigning them to me.

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of others, especially in my community and our youth who make the wrong choices in life like gangsterism, dropping out of school and using drugs. My goal for the youth is to motivate them to go back to school and value educational opportunities and to create jobs. I am paralyzed from my shoulders down. In 1990 at the age of 9 I climbed over a school fence and slipped. I landed on my head, which left me a quadriplegic. I would like to create more awareness for spinal cord injuries in order to show them my disability, but also my ability – to share my 25 years of challenges in my wheelchair, but also my achievements.

I was a student at False Bay College. I completed Matric and studied mouth painting there. The first time I started painting with my mouth was like eating a lollipop when moving it around my mouth, but it felt amazing.

My painting is another way to create awareness especially in schools. The children can see my disability, but also my ability to paint with my mouth and use my computer with my head. I hope to motivate the learners by showing them that if I can achieve my goals, surely they also can and even more. I was invited to Yellowwood Primary School in my community. I did an initial talk there. It was an amazing feeling for me and very fulfilling too. The learners were quite surprised to see my ability to paint with my mouth and use the computer with my head.

I have also been instrumental in various community initiatives. We [the community] would like to restore our park by making it a beautiful and safe environment for our community to enjoy. I recently negotiated with the ward councilor to have the park cleaned and repainted. Other communities can also benefit from this example. I also started a soup kitchen by feeding the community twice a month.

My reason for writing this letter is that we need donations like groceries for the soup kitchen and paint, trees for the park, etc. And I also need some art materials like paint, brushes, canvases and fabric or oil paint to start doing bigger paintings. I will use my art to my ability and to use it to motivate others to achieve their goals. My dream is to have my own art studio at the back of my home. I am looking for sponsors to be so kind and make my dream come true.

I am also available to do motivational talks and to share my story with your employees so as to create disability awareness, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

– Written by Randall Wynkwartd

House of Hope for the Royal Kids - March 2016

In March we donated Cornflakes, kindly sponsored by Spar, to the House of Hope for the Royal Kids in Paarl, a non-profit organisation run by Wendy Mangena. She provides clothing, shelter and food to 13 children, ages ranging from 6 months to 18 years, from the outskirts of Paarl.

The name of the organisation speaks for itself, “gives hope to the children of whom in her eyes are of royalty”. The children under the care of Wendy are from various walks of life, some children are found in the streets and others are orphans. 

The home is reliant mainly on sponsors and organisations for clothing, food and beds for the children. A nearby clinic assists with the medical requirements.

House of Hope for the Royal Kids is located in 220 Drommerdaries Street, Wederpart, Mbekweni, Paarl, 7726.  Wendy Mangena can be contacted on 063 280 7882 should you wish to assist.

The R.A.D. Foundation - February 2016

Just thinking of our Free Chapter involvement with the RAD Foundation brings to mind the ever-so enthusiastic young folk marching with pride as they display their talent, whether it is the dancing flag bearers, or the incredible drummers and brass instrument players.

We were in awe of their performance at our 2015 Rally and again even more so at our 2016 Rally. Many of you will also remember the sparkling performance which they gave us and the Montagu public this year in the streets opposite the Police Station – and again during the march through of our Bedouin Tent at the Rally site. The drums and instruments which our Chapter donated to the RAD Foundation in 2014 topped up with more instruments donated in 2015 were played with aplomb, and brought home to us the feeling that our Chapter had contributed positively to the growth and development of the young people in the band, including their improved musical ability. Having said that we are of course aware that the instruments and band members on their own don’t achieve anything – it is the coaches who so conscientiously commit time and energy teaching this young group how to play an instrument and then how to put it all together as a band – and a marching band at that. We salute the organisers and instructors for the work which they do in transforming the members of the band into competent drum majorettes and musicians, with the ability to play various instruments, and to play and perform with skill while at the same time marching in step with each other.

We glibly refer to the RAD Foundation and I wonder if many have thought much more about their origin and purpose. RAD is short for Rural Arts Development and they have a catchy phrase to link into: MAGIC or: Music & Arts Growing Inspired Children. The group also has a motto: Inspire, Engage, Educate – with Respect, Attitude & Discipline. This says it all and no wonder the band march with pride and heads held high – they have earned it by perseverance with practicing and by adherence to their motto. And isn’t it just delightful to see the supporters/hangers-on following the band around and copying what they do – such as drumming on paint tins by youngsters of only 6 or 7 years old!

For us Free Chapter members it is very rewarding to see the band performing in such an exemplary way – and looking so grand attired in the T-Shirts and tops also donated by us. In my view this has been a special and worthy sponsorship which has shown significant growth both in terms of numbers and playing ability. Legends they will become. Certainly they deserve a sponsorship again in 2016.

– Written by Noel Peagam

Red Cross Children's Ride - 27 November 2015

It is the season of giving.

The Free Chapter Cape Town attended the annual Red Cross Children's Hospital Harley-Davidson Christmas ride for the Oncology Ward on 27 November 2015. Around 60 Harley-Davidson bikers took children for a short spin on their motorcycles. Children and their parents enjoying the festivities outside were also treated with gifts, cupcakes and cool drinks.

It was a pleasure visiting the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and being able to put a smile on the faces of the children. It really warmed our hearts and our festive season started in a very special way.

A hearty thank you to all our members who donated gifts to bring some joy into the lives of the children at the Red Cross Children Hospital.

FCCT members, your hearts are in the right place.


- From the pen of Zelda Newman, Charity Officer

RAD Foundation Donation - 7 November 2015

Christmas came early on Saturday when the RAD Foundation was again truly BLESSED by a visit from FCCT – !

The drumline performed on their donated instruments and our hip hop group danced and shared their anti-substance abuse message! What a day!

We were truly grateful for another donation of a Tri-tom, 5 snares, a mini snare, trumpet and a trombone! The extra golf shirts were also a huge surprise!

With the donation we received after the 2014 Rally we were able to assist 3 drumline groups with their development, but we still had to “share” instruments at our workshops and events! With the generous donation of this year, we are now able to ensure that all 

three groups have access to their instruments on a daily basis, and this will make a huge difference in our progress. We hope you will witness this at the 2016 Rally!

Thank you again to each member who contributed and made this possible – we trust you will know the difference you have made in the lives of our youth!

- Helen Gooderson, CEO of RAD Foundation

Santa Shoebox - November 2015

Our charity event for November is, as we usually do every year, to contribute a donation of gifts for underprivileged youth and the elderly via the Santa Shoebox project. We collected an assortment of shoeboxes on behalf of our members as you can see in the photos below. Our thanks to Bernie who arranged our involvement again this year and ensured that the boxes got to the Santa Shoebox drop-off in a timely fashion.

Bikers4Bandanas, Sunflower Fund - 18 October 2015

Helderberg Bikers 4 Charity - 10 October 2015 

On the 10th of October we attended as a club a charity event organised by 6 other clubs at the Helderberg Rugby Club.

In addition to selling raffle tickets beforehand and attending, we also donated some shoes and clothing on the day.

Members from a variety of clubs were present – cruisers and superbikes. As always, we were glad that the Free Chapter could contribute to this charity event which supported the Ons Plekkie preschool and SenCit, an old age home run from donations.

Spar Cancer'vive - 3rd October 2015

 ... and so 3 October happened and the long wait to see what Elsabe pulled out her creative sleeve for 2015 was about to be revealed...

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.  I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." - Audrey Hepburn

The venue was dressed in white, black & a hint of turquoise and everywhere Coco Chanel was present...

Elsabe and her team lined up a super exiting morning with MC Hannes van Wyk who introduced us to our first guest speaker, marathon athlete Caroline Woestman, sharing her inspirational story of her road from depression to being the number one Two Oceans Marathon and Comrades ladies runner for 2015.  From small beginnings to being a humble winner!

Then the Kokkedoor winner and finalist 2013 team with Johnny & Marius enticed us with their delicious and out-of-the-box cooking creations.  Everyone just oooed and aaaaed...

We were spoilt with a delicious lunch, plated beautifully with attention to detail and taste sensations.

Thereafter the ladies of Cancervive with amongst others, Janie du Plessis shared with us their inspirational lives living with cancer.  All the good work continues what these ladies do annually by spreading the word of the power of early detection.  They invited guests who were diagnosed with cancer to the stage who all received the Cancervive bandana - what a touching moment...

Thereafter we were spoilt with desert, oh - the most divine chocolate, red velvet and carrot cake.  Too pretty to eat, but oh so tasty!

The day was ending on a high note too with 'boy band' Adam, who entertained us with a few popular songs from their album.  

Once again another truly stunning and inspirational morning visited by the Ladies of FCCT!  Looking forward to join again in 2016 with all ladies of FCCT.

- Written by Marlize Roos

Cupcake Run, Women's Day - 15 August 2015

Saturday the 15th of September was a wet & cold day, but our spirits were soon to be raised & our hearts warmed when 16 of our FCCT members handed out 250 delicious cupcakes to two retirement homes, namely Rust-en-oorde in Plumstead & Murambi House in Wynberg.

For those elderly people who were able to greet us, we felt their deep appreciation for what we had done.

When leaving the homes, we, as a chapter, felt humbled & grateful for health & quality of life. We were so happy that we were able to make these senior people enjoy their afternoon tea with a cupcake & a smile.

We ended our afternoon, by meeting at Seattle Coffee Shop for a cuppa hot liquid & then said our goodbyes with hugs & kisses in true Harley tradition.

- From the pen of Alan Joffe

St Luke's Hospice Collection - 26 May 2015

During our regular club meeting in May we took up a collection of supplies to be donated to St Luke's hospice. A bunch of members brought shoes, clothing and other useful things to be donated to this good cause.

Appearance by Dave Barr - 18 April 2015

The FCCT raised R5,000 for a charity Dave Barr supports to provide wheelchairs for those in need. Below is an account of us meeting with him by Alan Joffe.

This last Saturday evening at the Killarney Club House, 10 of our FCCT members were privileged to meet & hear the amazing life story of a remarkable man.

Dave Barr was born in the USA in 1952 & left school at the age of 17 to join the US Marines – a big dream of his.

After serving duty in Vietnam on a helicopter gunship, he was discharged in 1972. After that, he lived in various locations around the world & being a true military man, he served in the armed forces of various countries, including the Israeli Parachute regiment & one year in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. From there he volunteered to serve a 2 year stint in the South African Defence Force. In 1982 on a patrol in southern Angola, the military vehicle in which he & others were travelling hit a Russian landmine. The resulting explosion cost him both his legs as well as his hearing in the one ear.

With iron will & determination, Dave learned to walk again on prosthetic legs.

Having spent many months in 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, Dave met many men who had suffered similar injuries to his. He was now determined to spend the rest of his life helping disabled people come to terms with their circumstances & make the best of their lives.

He returned to the USA and learnt to ride his beloved Harley again which was adapted for him.

Dave began to publicise & raise money for disabled people. He felt that the best way to do this was to show both abled & disabled people that anything could be achieved if the individual put his or her mind to it.

In 1994, Dave embarked on an epic journey around the world on his 1978 Harley Wide Glide 1200. He did this completely alone without support vehicles or major sponsors.

This Herculean journey earned Dave a place in the Guinness Book of World Records & a place for him & his bike in the Harley-Davidson Hall of Fame.

He covered a distance of 132,000 kms over three & a half years.

Dave’s nominated charity at the time, Cheshire Homes, still needed funds & Dave decided to embark on another trip with a Harley Sportster. His journey this time would take him across Russia & Siberia in winter. Dave followed this trip by criss-crossing Australia on another Sportster. Both the Russian & Australian rides earned him 2 more places in the Guinness Book of Records. All 3 Harleys have now found homes in museums in the USA.

Dave returned to his home in California where he manages an annual cross-continent ride for US War Veterans. He is also very active in giving motivational talks to societies & corporate entities. 

This year, Dave came back to South Africa to where it all started. His team accompanied by his “Rough Riders”, left on the 15th of April from the Ann Harding Cheshire home in Randburg, also on a Harley 1200. His 6,000 km tour around South Africa has taken him through all the main cities where he stops at all the Cheshire Homes to meet, motivate & inspire disabled people.

He appeals to the public & businesses to support his cause so that prosthetic limbs as well as much needed wheel chairs can be donated to helping so many disabled people.

Dave has also authored a few books of his incredible journeys. These were on sale & signed by himself.

Dave made it very clear in his address to us: “Life is a privilege & it can be taken away from us within a split second”.

We left the club house feeling humbled by a man who proved that with determination, one can & will achieve great things, and it does not matter whether you are abled or disabled.

Thank you, Dave Barr, for your soul stirring talk – you are an inspiration to all.

Yarden Children's Enrichment Centre - 20 January 2015

As mentioned at previous meetings, we have collected donations for the Yarden Foundation, an organisation that provides care for children with illnesses that demand a high level of care and supervision. We provided them with some funds to buy necessary equipment and a television and DVD player to entertain the kids. They currently care for two children but have capacity for up to eight at their venue at the Bergsig Dutch Reformed church in Durbanville.

Central Fire Station - 7th November 2014

Recently, the Free Chapter participated in an Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit the Central Fire Station. In addition, we gathered donations from members and the club contributed some money as well. On Friday evening, we handed over the "cheque" at the fire station and were treated to a quick tour of the station.

 Operation Shoebox - 21st October 2014

This year the club once again pooled together to compile and donate a number of shoebox-gifts to The Spirit of Christmas. This charity provides these gifts to underprivileged children, as well as kids with life-threatening illnesses.

A big thank you to Bernie and Zelda for organising and administrating our contribution to this project. Your efforts are much appreciated by us, as will the recipients of the gifts enjoy them.

Spar Ladies Cancer'Vive - 4th Oct 2014

Saturday morning, I couldn't contain my surprise when I walked into this venue with its amazing decor and eclectic atmosphere shouting out - Zest for Life!

Our very own Elsabe is the brainchild behind this whole success story and immediately made everyone feel very welcome.  And didn't we just love all the stunning give-aways....  She introduced Elana Africa as our MC, and boy, what a bubbly personality! 

Elana introduced Amor Vitone as a guest speaker who told us her un-plugged version of their true life story.  The inspirational message from this down to earth personality was that we are all just ordinary people juggling our day to day life challenges. And the same old wise words came to my mind once again:  you can maybe judge another's life but only if you are also prepared to stand in their 2 shoes too...

Tastefully prepared and beautiful presented food was served:  Starters:  spring-rolls, Mains:  lamb shank on cauli-mash & a parcel of veg, Desert:  heart plate filled with assorted cheese, crackers & glass-jar-cake.

Our next guest speaker was our very own chef celebrity, Reuben Riffel.  Elana Africa just loved her Oprah-style interview moment!  We were introduced to another ordinary personality but with an extra ordinary will to make a difference in the quality food he put his name by using produce from local and sustainable producers.

The vibrant Cancervive ladies, all survivors of cancer, are celebrating life through projects of awareness, education and fundraising.  The ladies are vibrant, loud and passionate about life and take the open road to spread a powerful message of hope! They called all ladies to stage who had a past and current life living with cancer - this was a very emotionally charged moment, but also a snapshot-moment-of-hope-message for the rest of us.

To end this morning on a high note, the "3 Tons of Love" ladies entertained us with their eccentric personalities and soulful music.

What I took from this morning: "we can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses!"  - Abraham Lincoln

It will be awesome if all Ladies of Harley FCCT can join us in next year's event of life celebrations!

Till we meet again,
From the pen of Marlize Roos

 Route62 Rally 2014 Charity

The 2014 Route62 Rally was a great success and we managed to collect some R 40,000 for local charity. As was explained at the Rally, the committee decided that this year we would identify worthy charities with genuine tangible needs and spend the money in that way instead of giving a cheque to one institution and never knowing if the money was used for its intended purpose.

To this end our charity committee identified 3 worthy charities in Montagu.

  1. The RAD FOUNDATION providing projects to keep local kids off the streets.
  2. HUIS UITVLUCHT which is an old age home to some 80 odd residents.
  3. BABBEL & BEKKIE, a pre-school crèche for local children.

The team determined their most immediate needs and we are proud to report the RAD FOUNDATION was given marching band instruments, drums, a bass drum, trumpets, a trombone, shirts and drum sticks and practice pads to the value of R 15,000.

HUIS UITVLUCHT required new mattresses and outdoor benches as well as toiletries, soap and creams. We purchased everything on their wish list for a total spend of R 15,000.

Babbel & Bekkie crèche needed a new floor covering as well as a 40” LCD TV and DVD player to keep the little ones entertained in the wet winter months. Total spend R 10,000.

The Free Chapter Cape Town organised a ride in May to handover the various items as described. We were welcomed by all with tea & cookies at Huis Uitvlucht, marching band demonstration by the RAD Foundation and a great lunch at Babble & Bekkie. We thank all and sundry for a most enjoyable day.

We would also like to thank the following companies for their generous discounts that made it possible for us to achieve as much as possible with the money available:

BK Percussion  |  SPAR  |  School for the Blind  |  Montspa  |  Psionet

Last, but by no means least, a BIG THANK YOU to the participants who made this all possible.  We look forward to hosting you all in 2015.

Bright Stars Safe Home Charity

On the 3rd of July, Marzell and Chanté visited Bright Stars  to spend the day with the children there and bring them toys.

They spent the day helping with the little ones, playing with the older kids, making bracelets and so on.

I'm sure both the donations and time were much appreciated and we can be glad to have made a little difference in these little ones' lives.

God's Gift Charity

On Friday  the 18th  April, Marzell, Chante, Elana and Zelda delivered some clothes and cupcakes (Chante’s hard work) to the special needs adults of God’s Gift in Struisbaai. The cupcakes and clothes were positively received and we enjoyed spending time with them.     A hearty thank you to all our members for the clothes and books contributions made. 

Just goes to show, a little can go a long way J

Kind Regards


 FCCT Charity Donation to SVDS April 2014

Aangeheg die Foto van ons oorhandiging van die tjek, komberse en sertifikate Maandag tydens Laerskool Simon van der Stel se saalbyeenkoms, aan Mnr Jacques Pratt (onderwyser) en 4 van sy Avontuurklublede (Zani Theunissen; Reinier van Rooyen; Amy Tasten; Jessica Janson). Hulle gaan nou weer die komberse aanwend vir verdere liefdeadigheidswerk. Mnr Pratt en die Avontuurklub is baie betrokke by liefdadigheidswerk.

Attached is the picture of us, handing over the cheque, blankets and certificates on Monday during Simon van der Stel Primary School's Assembly, to Mr Jacques Pratt (teacher) and four of its Adventure Club Members (Zani Theunissen, Reinier van Rooyen, Amy Probing, Jessica Janson). Mr. Pratt and the Adventure Club will now use the blankets for further charity work.


Thanks to all those who kindly made up the Shoebox presents and to Lance for the generous gift from Medway. As can be seen from the children's faces, this effort by FCCT was really appreciated.



The generous sponsors of the blankets, Group Five and Chevron, were present for the handover to Weber Gedenkskool, Jamestown, Stellenbosch. They were represented by Johan & Belinda Elliot, Howard & Dahlia van Rooy (in the absence of Jacques Wagner). Also present was Sebastiaan Victor of the Protea Hotel.

When asked to write a few lines about the August charity initiative, I thought to myself what is there to say other than “ we handed out blankets kindly donated to us by Group five to those less fortunate. Blah, blah, blah, this on a Friday of all days what a schlep….our members are all busy and would not be able to  attend.

What a revelation we got!

It was the anticipation of riding with  a few fellow club members on a  bleak and rainy day and the possibility of seeing snow capped mountains from close up that started what can only be described as an inspirational day. We decided the night before that we would mount our trusty steeds and meet at Engen N1 en route to meet Sebastiaan of Protea Hotel, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, his staff and PA. Well some of us did, not to mention my added bonus of being awarded Pierre White as my pillion for the day.  (apparently battery problems brought this on, not that Mr.Mike bought into that excuse). 

Our members started arriving as well as the representatives of Group Five and Chevron. One even on a Harley (complete with pillion). So off we set to meet our contacts in Stellenbosch and eager to get the show on the road. Between the Charity officer, Zelda and her fellow helpers Ammi, Marianna and Bernie things were quickly co-ordinated and after a briefing by our “new” Road Captain,  Sebastiaan, we were told what to expect. All said and done we departed and traveled through an area that evokes images of wealth, economic growth and poverty all in one. 

All these emotions were set aside once we saw what Protea Hotel Stellenbosch and Weber Gedenkskool in Jamestown had in store for us. After parking the Harleys in a semi circle in front of the Hall, the learners started filing by, each first getting a “Boerieroll”  from the Protea Hotel staff and then the much anticipated blankets. I can truly confirm that those smiles of satisfaction drove the cold away instantly. Grown men were seen crouching and handing out blankets to eager recipients. Shy looks turned from disbelief and finally the proud realisation that this is my blanket! 

Obviously a Harley event cannot be a success without the growl of those V twin motors being revved to a co-ordinated symphony of sound and fumes, harmonised by shrieks of pleasure by young and old alike. 

After the commotion died down we were treated by Weber Gedenkskool to beverages and later to the most delicious sit down home cooked meal imaginable. 

That gesture of "if you give you shall receive" could not have been illustrated more perfectly.  

Judging by my constant blabbering it should be evident that as a member of the BEST Harley club , we as the Free Chapter Cape Town together with our partners Protea Hotel Stellenbosch, Chevron, Group Five and City Angels ( who matched our blanket contribution ) DID GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! We handed out 225 blankets. 


Mike Newman


On Saturday 17th, the Free Chapter were on the road once again. This time to deliver blankets to the Haven Old Age Home in Woodstock. We received the following message which says it all.

"Good day Zelda, We herewith acknowledge with sincere gratitude to you and your colleagues for a timeous donation of 75 blankets.

Your support is most valued.

Regards, Mr Y Harris, Manager: Haven Old Age Home" 

Some 23 members of the FCCT (including 8 hardy bikers) braved cold and intermittent rain to team up with Group Five and Cape Town Angels to donate food, clothing and blankets to the needy folk of the HAVEN OLD AGE HOME in Woodstock.

The blankets so desperately needed by the residents of the home were very kindly donated by Group Five through Jacques Wagner and Barbara Loots representing the Cape Town Angels. The food and clothing were collected by our ever active Ladies of Harley and the Cape Town Angels.

The Cape Town Angels seek out needy organisations and source and co-ordinate sponsors and gifts to those who are in need. Their Chairman Charles Tertiens and several of his team were on hand to assist us with the unloading of blankets from the bakkie which had been driven to Woodstock by Zelda Newman.

General Manager Mr. Harris of the HAVEN OLD AGE HOME informed us that there are 45 ladies and 90 men in residence and that the facility caters for frail care as well as providing some self-contained units, and 6 nearby feeder cottages where folk in their 60’s are accommodated, and who would later move into the main complex of residences. The cost per individual is R960 per month which includes accommodation, meals, laundry and levy. 

We were taken on a tour of the buildings and met some of the residents and saw the kitchen staff in the process of preparing well-balanced meal. Most of the men are housed on the first floor level with the women downstairs. 17 of the residents are confined to wheelchairs and they are looked after in specially adapted areas of the Home.

It is a very humbling experience to visit such an institution and to see how well the folk manage with so little, and who create a proper home for themselves in their rooms and the shared common areas. It really does bring home how blessed and privileged we are to have good health and to be able to live our lives in the manner in which we do.

Mr. Harris expressed his thanks and appreciation for the gifts and the time we had given to visit and to deliver them to the HAVEN OLD AGE HOME. Thank you to all the FCCT members who participated and special thanks to our Ladies of Harley for arranging the hand-over of the gifts.

Noel Peagam

The Free Chapter Ladies lend a Helping Hand

Our lovely ladies met on Saturday 22nd June for brunch and to hand over much needed shoes and clothing generously donated by members to the Solidariteit Helpende Hande organisation. 

They expressed their deep appreciation in the following message:


Weer eens baie baie dankie aan die dames van Free Chapter vir gister se skenking van 2de handse klere en nuwe Woolworths kinderskoene aan ons Solidariteit Helpende Hand : Kraaifontein tak.

Vriendelike Groete

Wilinda Ford

Solidariteit Helpende Hand

Gemeenskapsdiens Afdeling

Administratiewe Beampte: Kaapstad Streekskantoor

The Free Chapter has a Heart for the less fortunate.

God’s Gift is an organisation for the mentally disabled in Struisbaai. 

They function on money they receive from charity due to the fact that the children/adults parents are not in a situation to take care of them.

Charity Officer Zelda Newman and her girls, Marzell and Chanté baked cup cakes and bought  Easter eggs with money raised from Free Chapter members which they shared with those in the care of God's Gift Tehuis. 

They also handed over the clothes and magazines generously donated by Chapter members.

Uncle Don Crowther

The Free Chapter gathered at Constantiaberg for a short ride to Mambo's in Wynberg to bid farewell to dear friend and member Don Crowther.

Don is leaving Cape Town for the next season in his life with family in Pretoria.

Chapter Director Bruce du Toit presented Uncle Don with his colours and Charity Officer Zelda Newman gave a gift from the chapter.

Uncle Don will always have a special place in our hearts and leaves a vacancy for the role of Father Christmas for anyone with a white beard. 

Route62 Rally Charity

The Rally Committee handing over a cheque to Hospice in Montagu to  Director Gert Lubbe for R40,000.

This money will be used for various projects of Hospice within the local community of Montagu and surrounds. 

Blanket Run to Huis Martina 

The Blankets were kindly sponsored by Jacques' company, Group Five 

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

The ladies of our chapter, led by Zelda, are busy with a number of meaningful charity activities which are making a difference to those less fortunate than us.

There was a wonderful response to the ShoeBox Project to bring some joy into the lives of children.

There is also an ongoing collection of old clothes for the needy.

Well done ladies - you make us proud! 

The Wolraad Woltemade School

Thanks to all who generously donated to the Helmet & Light project at our last meeting.The cash was handed to the school and the sent us words of thanks as well these pics of some of the happy recipients