1st Cape Town Free Chapter

 Biker Safety

We are all aware of the greatest safety risk currently threatening us. 
That is our health in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world.
Accordingly we adhere to the recommendations such as:
1. social distancing
2. frequent cleansing
3. wearing face masks in public
4. watching out for symptoms and getting tested if required
5. self-isolation if necessary

1. Make sure your motorcycle is maintained properly, either by a trusted mechanic or your favourite Harley workshop
2. Check your tyre pressure
3. Check your battery. It may need charging if you have not ridden recently
4. Check oil level and fuel
5. Check your licence and insurance is up to date

1. Check the condition of your gear - helmet, jacket, gloves and boots
2. Refresh your riding skills
3. Recall your pack rider training

Our Approach

We employ a well-trained marshal team

We treat members like adults
Each member to take responsibility for their own personal safety
Each member to take responsibility for their motorcycle
Each member to look out for fellow-members

The Marshal Team is made up of the following

Head Road Captain

Road Captain



Biker buddy

Safety Officer

Personal Safety

Remember ATGATT


It’s better to sweat than bleed

Prepare your Motorcycle - TCLOCK

T - Tyres
C - Cables
L - Levers
O - Oil
C - Clutch
K - Kickstand

Get your bike serviced regularly

Fellow Members

Attend the skills training

Attend pack rider training

First Aid training is provided

Be aware of your fellow riders’ safety

This includes your pillion

Basic chapter rules

Only (DOT) approved helmets
No Shorts
No slops / plakkies
Obey marshals’ instructions

We have a GREAT chapter – 

let’s keep it that way!

1st Cape Town Free Chapter
          Biker Safety

There is a useful app that can be downloaded on your phone.
It has first aid and emergency tips from St John Ambulance