1st Cape Town Free Chapter

About the '1st Cape Town Free Chapter' 

Question....... “But what is a Free Chapter?” Our answer is always the same: “Just a group of real friends who want to have fun riding their motorcycles to interesting places together!”.
We are united by the same passions, freedom, our Harley-Davidson motorcycles, open spaces and the most important bit - having fun! We call ourselves FREE because we refuse to be dictated to by retail dealerships, but we remain proud to wear the H.O.G.® Eagle for its spirit and ethics. We want to be independent! 
Our laughter is our music, the sound of our thunder makes our hearts beat faster, and our members are the cement of our friendship!
 Membership to the 1st Cape Town  Free Chapter  will be strictly on an application only basis! We do not solicit, poach or coerce members of local H.O.G.® Chapters, or other riding fraternities, to join our Free Chapter.

 It is important to acknowledge that we are not associated to H.O.G.® S.S.A or any local Harley-Davidson retail dealerships. Neither do we purport to represent any local Chapter.
 All members of The 1st Cape Town  Free Chapter  will be active members of H.O.G.® International of their own free choice.