Free Chapter Cape Town

Our Chapter celebrated its 11th birthday on Tuesday, 

                                 the 23rd of May‚Ķ

The beauty of being human is that we are all different with divergent interests and priorities. But when it comes to the love of our Harleys and our Chapter, we are united in our passion. It was so great to see the good turnout at our 11th birthday party despite it being mid-winter and mid-week. On the scale of the average human live, turning eleven is a bit of a non-event but for a group of biking enthusiasts, being bound together by the bonds of not only their passion but probably more so by their friendship and camaraderie, every annual celebration should be treasured. Very few biking and other social fraternities makes it this far and those that do, share something special amongst its members. The special glue of our Cape Town Free Chapter is our friendship, shared between young (not so many of those) and old, long-distance riders and social riders, and even our retired riders. It was so great to have an opportunity to all get together to enjoy such a fun-filled evening full of chatter and laughter. A special thanks to all that organised this event and a special thanks to our roadkill team that braved the cold to serve us some delicious chops & wors!