1st Cape Town Free Chapter

Road Captain

 Mike "Mr. Mike" Scholtz

Safety Tip 1:  


Safety Tip 2: Always make sure your head lamps, passing lamps and tail lamps are in working order so that you can be seen by others


Bruce "Bwana" Du Toit


Safety Tip 1:  When the road ahead throws you an unexpected curve .... gear down and lean into it !

Safety Tip 2: When entering a parking area with loose gravel/stones/sand ……. never use front brake !

Safety Tip 3: Position your bike where it can be seen. Don’t put yourself behind a large truck or in a vehicle’s blind spot.

Safety Tip 4: Signal Your Intentions - 2 Full seconds before lane changes; 4 seconds for turns.

Safety Tip 5: Give Way to Faster Traffic - It's the civilized thing to do.

Pack Leader

Ivor "Soutie" Wills

Safety Officer

to be appointed


Leon Van Der Zandt