1st Cape Town Free Chapter

Road Captain

 Mike "Mr. Mike" Scholtz

Safety Tip 1:  


Safety Tip 2: Always make sure your head lamps, passing lamps and tail lamps are in working order so that you can be seen by others

Biker Buddy

Ammi "Ma" Du Toit


Safety Tip 1:  Never lock your front brake if your bike is not straight.

Safety Tip 2:  Look where you go, as you go where you look.


Bruce "Bwana" Du Toit


Safety Tip 1:  When the road ahead throws you an unexpected curve .... gear down and lean into it !

Safety Tip 2: When entering a parking area with loose gravel/stones/sand ……. never use front brake !

Safety Tip 3: Position your bike where it can be seen. Don’t put yourself behind a large truck or in a vehicle’s blind spot.

Safety Tip 4: Signal Your Intentions - 2 Full seconds before lane changes; 4 seconds for turns.

Safety Tip 5: Give Way to Faster Traffic - It's the civilized thing to do.

Pack Leader

Ivor "Soutie" Wills

Safety Officer

to be appointed


Liza van Jaarsveld