1st Cape Town Free Chapter

The Committee of the '1st Cape Town Free Chapter' 

Primary Officers 


Bruce du Toit


Retired Executive

What I like about our chapter?:   The camaraderie and friendship, we are like family

What is your future vision?:  Looking forward to another 8 years of this great chapter

Your favourite food?:   Thick rump on the braai 


Assistant Director

Gideon Kriel



Retired Banking Executive

What I like about our chapter?:   

What is your future vision?:  

Your favourite food?:   



Ammi du Toit



What I like about our chapter?:  friendship, camaraderie and one big family

What is your future vision?:  FCCT becoming the most sought after club to belong to

Your favourite food?:   Smoked Salmon


Chapter Secretary

Noel Peagam


What I like about our chapter?: The camaraderie of being with members and the respect and support which is shown to each other

What is your future vision?: Stronger participation by members in every aspect of the Club – be it attending rides/functions or being willing to serve on committees or serve the riding pack.

Your favourite food?:   Lamb curry and a traditional braai 


 Secondary Officers

Activity Officer

Marianna Kriel 


Purchasing Expert at Santam

What I like about our chapter?:  

What is your future vision?:  

Your favourite food?:    



& Social Officer

Liza van Jaarsveld

Boss Lady at Rhodes Food Group

What I like about our chapter?:   – what is not to like?

What is your future vision?:  – that we remain the close knit and caring family we are

Your favourite food?:   – fish & chips

Charity Officer

Lisa Cumberledge


Owner at Luvlulu 

and  Painter of 365 pebbles at  Pebble Paths

What I like about our chapter?:  I have always appreciated though, that the Chapter (and bikers in general) are so giving to charities, and so here I am

What is your future vision?:  More cultural diversity amongst our members

Your favourite food?: Thai, sushi, avos, prawns,  Ferrero Rochers, salted edamane beans, asparagus, really could go from A-Z actually! 

Oh,  just not oysters – eeeeuwww!



to be appointed 


Tertiary Officers 

Assistant Activities Officer

Armelle De Mey


The Belle from Belgium

What I like about our chapter?:  of course the camaraderie and support for each other !!  But also our beautiful rides, all the memories we share, happy ones but sad ones as well as they have touched me 

What is your future vision?:  that we all contribute a little more towards its good “functioning “ as it would add to the diversity of our choices of rides, restaurants, activities. 

Your favourite food?: Curry Quest dishes  are of course on top of my list!  Otherwise, as much as I enjoy any kind of food, no gluten, no sugar, and no alcohol. 


Editor / Historian

Ivor Wills


Self-employed at Rogers & Wills

What I like about our chapter?:  is the members we meet from all walks of life and all backgrounds , some more wealthy than others but when you climb aboard that Milwaukee muscle , you are all equal.

What is your future vision?:  to keep this momentum going forward and to bring some younger blood into the club ( which wont be easy ).

Your favourite food?: would have to be curry, chilli con carne , Beetroot and Braai