1st Cape Town Free Chapter

The Committee of the '1st Cape Town Free Chapter' 

Primary Officers 


Bruce du Toit


Retired Executive

What I like about our chapter?:   The camaraderie and friendship, we are like family

What is your future vision?:  Looking forward to another 8 years of this great chapter

Your favourite food?:   Thick rump on the braai 


Assistant Director

Gideon Kriel



Retired Banking Executive

What I like about our chapter?:   

What is your future vision?:  

Your favourite food?:   




To be appointed



Chapter Secretary

Marianna Kriel



 Secondary Officers

Activity Officer

Glynda Du Plessis



Membership & Social Officer

Gordon Collins

Charity Officer

Lynn Stols




to be appointed 


Tertiary Officers 

Assistant Activities Officer

Armelle De Mey


The Belle from Belgium

What I like about our chapter?:  of course the camaraderie and support for each other !!  But also our beautiful rides, all the memories we share, happy ones but sad ones as well as they have touched me 

What is your future vision?:  that we all contribute a little more towards its good “functioning “ as it would add to the diversity of our choices of rides, restaurants, activities. 

Your favourite food?: Curry Quest dishes  are of course on top of my list!  Otherwise, as much as I enjoy any kind of food, no gluten, no sugar, and no alcohol. 


Editor / Historian

Francois Stols